Uttam Sewa Sansthan Trust Mission

The objective of the Uttam Sewa Sansthan Trust is to remove unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and disease. The comprehensive effort of this organization, tied up with broad objectives, is to make people aware and empower society.

After the country became independent, we still have not been able to fulfill the objectives that the forerunners used to have.

Many poor people die while struggling with diseases. They are unable to reach the hospital for treatment, young people are unemployed and unemployment makes them depressed, causing them to go astray and go wrong in the wrong way they get involved in drug abuse, theft, gambling etc.

Uttam Sewa Sansthan Trust is working primarily to fulfill the following objectives.....

  • Education and Employment Generation

  • Environment protection

  • Voluntary blood donation

  • Poor elimination

  • Save our daughters

  • Help in medical treatment

  • Youth solidarity

  • What we do...

    • Uttam Seva Sansthan Trust is working with social organizations with objective to provide employment opportunities and work in the field of education. The aim of this organization is to get people to get proper education.

    • Clean environment is essential for keeping health healthy. The organization is making all efforts for this work.

    • It is very necessary to motivate and educate people for voluntary blood donation so that the lack of blood products in our blood banks can be eliminated. The organization is endeavoring in this direction.

    • We are committed to efforts towards poverty alleviation by promoting employment generation and education. The organization is endeavoring to eradicate poverty from the society like the curse.

    • The organization is trying to eradicate gender from society. The embryo killer is trying to eradicate the virtues from the root.