Education and Employment Generation

Uttam Seva Sansthan Trust is working with social organizations with objective to provide employment opportunities and work in the field of education. The aim of this organization is to get people to get proper education.

Environment protection

Clean environment is essential for keeping health healthy. The organization is making all efforts for this work.

Voluntary blood donation

It is very necessary to motivate and educate people for voluntary blood donation so that the lack of blood products in our blood banks can be eliminated. The organization is endeavoring in this direction.

Poor elimination

We are committed to efforts towards poverty alleviation by promoting employment generation and education. The organization is endeavoring to eradicate poverty from the society like the curse.

Save our daughters

The organization is trying to eradicate gender from society. The embryo killer is trying to eradicate the virtues from the root.

Medical Treatment Help

The organization provides health cards for the sick people to get the benefit of proper medical treatment at low cost in good hospitals.

Uttam Sewa Sansthan Trust Work Area